Justin Buckner

O’Mara, Eastman, and the Threat to Intellectual Diversity

By Justin Buckner I am disappointed in Chapman University. In December and early January, President Daniele Struppa sent out five emails to students and faculty in regard to Dr. John Eastman, the former dean of Chapman’s Fowler School of Law, a Chapman professor, and lawyer of former President Donald Trump. With this came 15 articles… Continue reading →

VP Pence Thrives, Sen. Harris Deceives

By Justin Buckner The much-anticipated vice presidential debate was one in which the American people wanted civility and truth after a disastrous presidential debate. Vice President Mike Pence brought both of those things and was a standout last week by being composed, presidential, and respectful. After what some call “the worst presidential debate ever,” Vice… Continue reading →

Minority Ideas Matter

By Justin Buckner As a student at Chapman University, I have come across many different types of people from a variety of backgrounds. Never have I attended a school with such a wide range of diversity. The university excels at attracting people from all over the world. Though, while concentrating so much on making their… Continue reading →