Joshua Anderson

Starlink: The Future of the Internet Is Bright

By Joshua Anderson Many of us – especially in Orange County, CA – experience relatively strong internet service without issue. In a majority of urban areas in the country, internet service providers (ISPs) offer affordable high-speed internet usually ranging from 50-500 Mbps of download speed. To put that in perspective, a single 4k resolution movie… Continue reading →

What Does the Future Have in Store for Social Media?

By Joshua Anderson The year 2020 has no doubt had its eventful moments of public prominence. With the presidential election now starting to leave the current news cycle, discussion of social media corporations has come to light due to the Senate hearings of Facebook and Twitter, as well as the release of the increasingly popular… Continue reading →

How to Identify False Statistics: Make an Informed and Accurate Vote!

By Joshua Anderson Since the 1970s, the world has been in the “Information Age” with mass advancements in electronics, especially computers. The Information Age has led to the immense economic and cultural value of information technology. In more recent years, the continual advancement of computing power along with the normalization of receiving huge amounts of… Continue reading →

TikTok Ban: Why Everyone Should Care About Their Data Privacy

By Joshua Anderson From Facebook data breach lawsuits to the enactment of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), data privacy has been an intensifying topic in recent political discourse globally. The expanding issue has revealed the lack of awareness in the general public around big data. Additionally, recent data privacy controversies have revealed the younger… Continue reading →