Joe Biden: The Great Divider-In-Chief

By The Editorial Board Democrats often claim that Republicans can’t move on from Donald Trump, but if one thing was clear from President Joe Biden’s national address last week, it was that Democrats can’t, either. Neglect the fact that the president used the Marines as a prop for a political speech, and put aside the… Continue reading →

Omicron Should be Reason to Celebrate

By The Hesperian‘s Editorial Board The Covid-19 variant we’ve been waiting for since the start of the pandemic almost two years ago has finally arrived. Dubbed Omicron, the new strain originating from South Africa is highly contagious – up to 70% more transmissible than Delta – but is far less severe than previous strains. For… Continue reading →

Chapman Refuses to “Follow the Science” With New Mask Mandate

By The Editorial Board  The start of the fall semester at Chapman University is rapidly approaching amid the new Delta variant of COVID-19. Unfortunately, the school is again implementing strict, unnecessary, and overbearing mask mandates on students – including on those who have been vaccinated or have recovered from the virus – instead of providing… Continue reading →

The Bullies at the Panther Still Have Not Calmed Down

By The Hesperian’s Editorial Board This editorial serves as a response to The Panther, who recently accused our publication of many horrendous acts, such as “actively putting faculty at risk of criticism.” (Yes, they really denounced us for that.) This is our response: On Monday, April 19, The Hesperian published a comprehensive report about certain… Continue reading →

Chapman Professor Sends KKK Hood to Black Woman. Why Doesn’t Chapman Care?

By The Hesperian‘s Editorial Board On January 13th, Chapman University forced (er, we mean “forcefully asked”) Dr. John Eastman into early retirement. What was Eastman’s ghastly crime? It was a technicality; Eastman (like many professors at other universities) used his school email for official business. This was the equivalent of convicting notorious murderer Al Capone… Continue reading →

Bust Hysteria: An Example of History Repeating Itself

By The Hesperian‘s Editorial Board The recent racial strife on Chapman University’s campus came quickly and without much warning. After George Floyd’s tragic death, Chapman students quickly mobilized to increase racial, intersectional, and historical awareness on campus. Students turned their attention to the busts of historical figures on Chapman’s campus and sought to have multiple… Continue reading →

The Bullies at The Panther Should Calm Down

From the Editors After a long search, Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden announced on August 11 that Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) was chosen to be his running mate. The day after Biden’s announcement, a tenured professor and former dean of Chapman University’s Fowler School of Law, Dr. John Eastman, wrote an article questioning Sen. Harris’… Continue reading →

Our Role as Printers and Editors

By Ryan Marhoefer Many of our readers may be asking themselves why a couple of strapping young lads decided to make a new student newspaper for Chapman University. A better question to ask is: “Why hasn’t anybody done it yet?” Chapman is sorely lacking in quality journalism. If one were to pick up a random… Continue reading →

First Letter From the Editors – 4/1/20

From the Editors Those looking for information and rigorous and original writing focused on Chapman University, have been left wanting by the current offerings. Often, it is the weekly email from Dean Price that informs the student body of events on campus, and these events only receive further coverage if they fall into one or… Continue reading →