After terrible midterm performance, Republicans should dump Trump

Photo Credit: BBC News

By Ethan Oppenheim

Republicans performed far below expectations in the 2022 midterms. The GOP not only failed to retake the Senate majority, but gained only a slim numerical advantage in the House. These results should have been different, and if not for former President Donald Trump, they would have been.

According to a poll conducted by AP VoteCast, 24% of all registered voters reported that a reason for their vote was to support Mr. Trump, while 34% reported that a reason for their vote was to oppose him. Among Independents, only 11% reported that a reason for their vote was to support Mr. Trump, while 34% reported opposition as a reason. Another poll conducted by NBC close to one month before the midterms shows Mr. Trump’s favorability rating at only 34%, lower than that of the current president which is currently at just over 41%. Finally, a poll from NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist reveals that only 28% of Independent voters want Mr. Trump to run in 2024.

And yet, nearly three-quarters of voters say the country is headed in the wrong direction, particularly highlighting the economy and crime as major issues. Further, historically-speaking, the party not holding the presidency does well in midterm elections, especially if it is also the minority party in both chambers of Congress. In other words, Republicans should have performed far better than they did, but thanks to Mr. Trump’s outlandish political approaches and his endorsements of unelectable, election-denying candidates, the GOP’s message did not resonate with voters.

Far-right election deniers Blake Masters and Kari Lake each lost their respective races in Arizona, a traditionally red state that Mr. Trump won in 2016 and that term-limited Gov. Doug Ducey has represented since 2015. Similarly, television personality Dr. Mehmet Oz (who has no political experience), and far-right election denier Doug Mastriano (who was present at the Jan. 6 Capitol riot) each lost their respective races in Pennsylvania, another state that Mr. Trump won in 2016 and that retiring Republican Sen. Pat Toomey has represented in the Senate since 2011.

Many other such examples exist, including Don Bolduc in New Hampshire, Adam Laxalt in Nevada, and Dan Cox in Maryland, who lost the gubernatorial race by a whopping 29 points despite the fact that Republicans had previously held the governorship for two consecutive terms under Larry Hogan, who received an overall 74% approval rating in deep blue Maryland. On the other hand, Republican candidates who either distanced themselves from Mr. Trump or refrained from making false claims about the 2020 election fared well in their respective elections.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Govs. Ron DeSantis (FL), Brian Kemp (GA), Mike DeWine (OH), Chris Sununu (NH), and Phil Scott (VT) all cruised to re-election. With the exception of Mr. Kemp, who won by 7.5 points, every other elected official won their re-election bids by over 15 points. Mr. Scott in deep blue Vermont even won by over 47 points. Additionally, these individuals greatly outperformed Mr. Trump, and Mr. Sununu and Mr. Kemp outperformed their Trump-backed senate counterparts by 12.7 points and five points, respectively.

Those who say that Mr. Trump and his flawed candidates are not to blame for Republican underperformance often cite the victory of Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance, a Trump-backed outsider without political experience. However, since 2016, Ohio has become a solid red state, and Mr. Vance won practically the exact same vote percentage as Mr. Trump in 2020. All the while, Mr. DeWine, a moderate who refrained from adopting Mr. Trump’s outlandish political tactics, outperformed both Mr. Trump and Mr. Vance by nearly 10 points.

The poor performances of Mr. Trump’s endorsed candidates in crucial swing races perfectly demonstrate the average voter’s disapproval of him and his radical political approaches. Likewise, the excellent performances of less Trumpian candidates who refrained from election denialism demonstrate how well the GOP could have performed overall if certain Republicans modeled their candidacies off of their more reasonable counterparts.

Rather than selecting candidates that he knew would remain loyal to him and advance his interests, Mr. Trump should have endorsed the far more electable candidates in each of the primary elections for crucial swing states, such as David McCormick in Pennsylvania, Jim Lamon and Karrin Taylor Robson in Arizona, and Hogan-backed Kelly M. Schulz in Maryland, among others. The fact that he did not demonstrates that his primary goal is not to maximize Republican representation in Congress, but to maximize his own power.

It is clear that Mr. Trump cares more about his own power and self-interest than his party or even the American electorate. Similarly, it is obvious that candidates who espoused election denialism and tied themselves to Mr. Trump cost Republicans both the Senate and a larger House majority. If Republicans want any sort of success in the future, the first step they must take is to dump Trump.

Mr. Oppenheim is a junior at Chapman University. He is majoring in political science and philosophy and minoring in film music and history.

Editor’s note: Click here to read an opposing viewpoint by Kate Robinson. Let us know who you agree with in the comments section.

Student Union Sets Dial to Chapman Radio

Photo Credit: @chapmanufamily on Instagram

By Kaitlyn Franks and Kate Robinson

Chapman Radio recently expanded its airwaves in to the Argyros Forum student union, a move that its members believe will bring the student-run radio station more exposure on campus.

“Prior to Chapman Radio, I heard a lot of feedback from students and staff about how the music [in the union] was out of date and repetitive,” said Karla Monterrey, the program coordinator in the student union. “During the first week we started playing Chapman Radio, there was a noticeable change, and students loved it,” she said. 

Argyros Forum is currently streaming four different music blocks from the station at different times in the day. These include music specifically dedicated to hispanic and LGBTQIA+ heritage month and spooky music in October. It is also currently in the process of setting up a block for Chapman University alum, according to Bella Gerencser, the station’s program director.

Monterrey said that she worked with Travis Bartosh, Chapman Radio’s faculty advisor, to stream the station’s music, as he has been eager for many years to expand the station into the student union. Students, such as junior Lauryn Johnson, have taken notice of the change. “It’s [the music] a good mix of stuff I don’t always know,” she said. 

Monterrey said she plans to continue to work with the radio station to expand its presence even more next semester. “I have this idea of having a DJ in residence in the Student Union next year, and I would love to partner with Chapman Radio DJs on this project,” she said.

Chapman Radio has been on air since 1967 and can be streamed online. It is broadcast 24 hours a day and boasts over 50 live shows. Any student can become a DJ, according to its website.

The Erroneous Solutions of Tateism

Photo Credit: Andrew Tate’s Instagram

By Guillermo Orozco

Emory Andrew Tate III, known to his fans as “Top G,” is a 35-five-year-old British-American former kickboxer who has become well-known for his Internet personality. His messages resonate with younger men and often revolve around wealth, careers, women, and dating. His advice, which often encourages men to be with women simply for their status and beauty, has gained him popularity and led to much controversy. Despite his often outlandish claims about women, only few of them are valid.

Men and women have unique strengths and weaknesses. For example, a man should protect and lead the relationship while his wife advises him. This is part of our innate biology, but modern-day feminists, who continue to make provenly false claims that there is a gender wage gap, condone single motherhood and discouragement of masculinity.

Therefore, Mr. Tate’s statement that “the most dangerous men on Earth are the Weak men” is far from outlandish. There must be an abundant supply of strong men for society to function correctly. And it is true that teaching men to be weak and emotionally driven leads to disastrous societal ramifications regarding crime and violence, particularly in young men. Growing and wielding the physical strength men have been gifted, which society has failed to produce and has even discouraged, will benefit a strong family unit. However, Mr. Tate has some flawed views, especially regarding dating.

In an episode clip of Stand Out TV, he stated that “there is nothing intriguingly wrong with women doing only fans,” as long as he gets some of that money. Further, he revealed that within a relationship, he believes that a woman belongs to the man and everything that he profits from, especially things of sexual nature. However, this is an erroneous claim because he disregards the sanctification of sexuality and the private purpose of that unique bond within the confines of marriage. Allowing your spouse to sell their bodies to someone else as meat is disordered and abominable. 

Mr. Tate’s endorsement of polygamy is also problematic. In the podcast on the YMH clip with Tom Segura and Cristina P,  he states that “Every single king, sultan, and shake since the dawn of human time had multiple women. Men are allowed, multiple women… under the will of God, I can walk and have ten wives behind me. It’s perfectly acceptable”. However, a 2020 study from the University of British Columbia revealed that polygamous societies have “contributed to higher levels of crime, violence, poverty, and gender inequality than in societies which institutionalize monogamous marriage.” This is because the family unit is ruined, disregarding the idea of a mother and a father and encouraging a man to be with many women. Thus, children have a higher likelihood of being neglected by their fathers.

Mr. Tate is incorrect, as God has not willed it. Christ performs the perfect union in Matthew 9:3: “a man shall leave his father and his mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh…the one who is able to accept this, let him accept it.” Abraham, Jacob, and David had many wives; however, Mr. Tate doesn’t seem to understand that Jesus perfected the law by restating the marriage as monogamous.  

Though parts of his ideas are valid, Mr. Tate preaches a mostly prideful and self-indulging lifestyle of sexual promiscuity and materialism. No young man should ever take him seriously as a role model. Faithful men are humble and meek, chaste and self-controlling. 

Mr. Orozco is a sophomore at Chapman University. He is majoring in creative writing.

Martha’s Vineyard Deserved It

Photo Credit: Ray Ewing/The Vineyard Gazette

By Jordan Rosenberg

The residents of Martha’s Vineyard, the liberal establishment, coastal enclave of Massachusetts, recently woke up to a sweet taste of karma. Under direction from Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), dozens of South American migrants were dropped off from jets and buses at one of the wealthiest places in the United States. Surely, the Democrat elitist residents of Martha’s Vineyard, the same people who have so often advocated for open borders and sanctuary cities, would be forgiving to the plight of these “undocumented citizens.” Perhaps they would also have a room or two for them in their million dollar mansions? 

Apparently not. 

As quickly as the illegals arrived, they were sent away. At the behest of the local town administration, Gov. Charlie Baker (R-MA), a liberal “Republican,” declared a “State of Emergency” for the Martha’s Vineyard community, all because a total of 50 migrants arrived. 

Now, compare that to statistics from the White House, which shows that in the past year, there were two million arrests along the southern border, the first time in history numbers have spiked this high. In fact, places like Del Rio, Texas, a place with an actual humanitarian emergency, have seen figures reach as high as 15,000 people crossing the border per day. 

These startling statistics are a direct result of President Joe Biden’s loose immigration policies, which are directly encouraging illegals to enter our country. To make matters worse, Mr. Biden halted construction on the border wall upon taking office – giving a clear sign to the cartels and human traffickers that illegals are ready to be shipped to the United States again.

It was about time the east coast elitists, who live in their own privileged bubbles, wake up to the problem of illegal immigration, which has been the root cause of much bigger issues, such as drug overdoses, rape, and murder, in our country. How much longer will we be told to stand by quietly about this humanitarian and national security crisis, while the rich and powerful live peacefully in their gated homes? This is a travesty and a perfect example of what the Democratic Party has allowed to occur in this country, as they themselves won’t feel the effects of their own policies while the rest of Americans will. 

Some may argue that Mr. DeSantis’s move was simply a political publicity stunt, and there is no doubt that it was. After all, he is one of the few governors who is currently enforcing border laws, and he is highly regarded as a potential GOP presidential frontrunner, so he certainly took this opportunity to get his name in the news once more and boost his national profile. 

Regardless of Mr. DeSantis’s true intentions, though, the move served a symbolic purpose of finally having the liberal establishment reap what they have sown for far too long. With political polarization on the rise, and seemingly no topic immune from its grasp, this is well justified, as it shows those who finance and advocate for the Democrat Party that we, the American people (especially those in border states), will not take these antics anymore. We will not wait for elections to come and go while little change is made to stop the invasions of millions on our southern Border. This is a crisis – and it was about time for those of Martha’s Vineyard to see it.

Mr. Rosenberg is a junior at Chapman University. He is majoring in history and minoring in political science.

Joe Biden: The Great Divider-In-Chief

Photo Credit: Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images

By The Editorial Board

Democrats often claim that Republicans can’t move on from Donald Trump, but if one thing was clear from President Joe Biden’s national address last week, it was that Democrats can’t, either.

Neglect the fact that the president used the Marines as a prop for a political speech, and put aside the fact that the aesthetics of the event were some of the worst in American history. Mr. Biden’s words, just by themselves, warrant the ire of anyone who actually cares about ‘norms’ in political discourse. 

Within the first few moments of the speech, Mr. Biden had already – in pure campaign fashion – taken to name dropping Mr. Trump and the “MAGA Republicans,” the former president’s loyal fanbase. And Mr. Biden proceeded to do so more than once, referring to them  as “extremists” and “threats to democracy.” 

His conflations of ‘extremists’ with ‘people-who-support-ideas-I-don’t-like’ was evident from the beginning. “MAGA forces are determined to take this country backwards — backwards to an America where there is no right to choose,” accused Mr. Biden. So if a person is pro-life, a view that has been mainstream within the Republican party for four decades, he or she is an extremist threat to democracy and an enemy of the state? It sounds like it.

And then, of course, there were his attacks on election denialism. “They [the MAGA movement] refuse to accept the results of a free election,” Mr. Biden complained, while deeming such people as dangerous extremists. The president’s attack is disingenuous, to say the least. His own White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has denied both the results of the 2016 presidential election and Georgia’s 2018 gubernatorial election. Mr. Biden endorsed noted election denier Stacey Abrams in her rematch bid against Brian Kemp and says no word of the 67 percent of Democrats who believed, contrary to any evidence, that the 2016 election was stolen. Democrats also spent a whopping $44 million boosting election deniers in GOP primaries this summer, believing they are easier to run against. If Mr. Biden wants to condemn people who don’t accept election results, then he should do so, but cherry picking and ignoring when his own party does it is incredibly dishonest. 

As if that wasn’t enough, Mr. Biden proceeded to say that, “MAGA Republicans do not respect the constitution. They do not believe in the rule of law. They do not recognize the will of the people.” This is true of some Republicans, and they deserve criticism. But the ones to levy this criticism cannot be Mr. Biden and his Democratic Party, who have spent the last two years refusing to abide by the very constitution and principles they purport to support. 

Last year, Mr. Biden issued an unconstitutional executive order extending the eviction moratorium after admitting he didn’t have the power to issue it. He mandated that OSHA enforce a federal vaccine mandate without any valid legal or constitutional basis. Just last week, he spent a trillion dollars usurping all legislative authority to hand his voters student loan relief. And don’t forget about the time the majority of the Democratic establishment refused to condemn the BLM riots in summer of 2020. Vice President Kamala Harris even tweeted out a bail fund for rioters in the midst of it. 

Does Mr. Biden really have the temerity to deem his political opponents as the sole violators of these norms?

Attempting to save face, Mr. Biden stated that, “Not every Republican, not even the majority of Republicans, are MAGA Republicans. Not every Republican embraces their extreme ideology. I know, because I’ve been able to work with these mainstream Republicans.” So, according to the president, every person who opposes his agenda because they rightfully see it as harmful to the country are extremist threats?

Mr. Biden’s incapability to tolerate opposing viewpoints and his inability to represent all Americans, even those not on his side, demonstrates undeniable hypocrisy. He cannot lecture Americans about “preserving democracy” when he is clearly not attempting to do so himself.  

One address isn’t going to solve our country’s extreme division, but it could at least set us on a brighter path toward unity. Instead, Mr. Biden took to the podium to declare that the 74 million Americans who voted for Mr. Trump, and those who oppose him more broadly, are anti-democratic threats to the republic.

Last week’s speech re-iterated the broader trend for the current president: Deflect criticism, act like the people he’s condemning, and inflame tensions by gaslighting the public. The American people deserve better than the near-octogenarian catastrophe of a president they currently have.