Student Union Sets Dial to Chapman Radio

Photo Credit: @chapmanufamily on Instagram

By Kaitlyn Franks and Kate Robinson

Chapman Radio recently expanded its airwaves in to the Argyros Forum student union, a move that its members believe will bring the student-run radio station more exposure on campus.

“Prior to Chapman Radio, I heard a lot of feedback from students and staff about how the music [in the union] was out of date and repetitive,” said Karla Monterrey, the program coordinator in the student union. “During the first week we started playing Chapman Radio, there was a noticeable change, and students loved it,” she said. 

Argyros Forum is currently streaming four different music blocks from the station at different times in the day. These include music specifically dedicated to hispanic and LGBTQIA+ heritage month and spooky music in October. It is also currently in the process of setting up a block for Chapman University alum, according to Bella Gerencser, the station’s program director.

Monterrey said that she worked with Travis Bartosh, Chapman Radio’s faculty advisor, to stream the station’s music, as he has been eager for many years to expand the station into the student union. Students, such as junior Lauryn Johnson, have taken notice of the change. “It’s [the music] a good mix of stuff I don’t always know,” she said. 

Monterrey said she plans to continue to work with the radio station to expand its presence even more next semester. “I have this idea of having a DJ in residence in the Student Union next year, and I would love to partner with Chapman Radio DJs on this project,” she said.

Chapman Radio has been on air since 1967 and can be streamed online. It is broadcast 24 hours a day and boasts over 50 live shows. Any student can become a DJ, according to its website.

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