Martha’s Vineyard Deserved It

Photo Credit: Ray Ewing/The Vineyard Gazette

By Jordan Rosenberg

The residents of Martha’s Vineyard, the liberal establishment, coastal enclave of Massachusetts, recently woke up to a sweet taste of karma. Under direction from Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), dozens of South American migrants were dropped off from jets and buses at one of the wealthiest places in the United States. Surely, the Democrat elitist residents of Martha’s Vineyard, the same people who have so often advocated for open borders and sanctuary cities, would be forgiving to the plight of these “undocumented citizens.” Perhaps they would also have a room or two for them in their million dollar mansions? 

Apparently not. 

As quickly as the illegals arrived, they were sent away. At the behest of the local town administration, Gov. Charlie Baker (R-MA), a liberal “Republican,” declared a “State of Emergency” for the Martha’s Vineyard community, all because a total of 50 migrants arrived. 

Now, compare that to statistics from the White House, which shows that in the past year, there were two million arrests along the southern border, the first time in history numbers have spiked this high. In fact, places like Del Rio, Texas, a place with an actual humanitarian emergency, have seen figures reach as high as 15,000 people crossing the border per day. 

These startling statistics are a direct result of President Joe Biden’s loose immigration policies, which are directly encouraging illegals to enter our country. To make matters worse, Mr. Biden halted construction on the border wall upon taking office – giving a clear sign to the cartels and human traffickers that illegals are ready to be shipped to the United States again.

It was about time the east coast elitists, who live in their own privileged bubbles, wake up to the problem of illegal immigration, which has been the root cause of much bigger issues, such as drug overdoses, rape, and murder, in our country. How much longer will we be told to stand by quietly about this humanitarian and national security crisis, while the rich and powerful live peacefully in their gated homes? This is a travesty and a perfect example of what the Democratic Party has allowed to occur in this country, as they themselves won’t feel the effects of their own policies while the rest of Americans will. 

Some may argue that Mr. DeSantis’s move was simply a political publicity stunt, and there is no doubt that it was. After all, he is one of the few governors who is currently enforcing border laws, and he is highly regarded as a potential GOP presidential frontrunner, so he certainly took this opportunity to get his name in the news once more and boost his national profile. 

Regardless of Mr. DeSantis’s true intentions, though, the move served a symbolic purpose of finally having the liberal establishment reap what they have sown for far too long. With political polarization on the rise, and seemingly no topic immune from its grasp, this is well justified, as it shows those who finance and advocate for the Democrat Party that we, the American people (especially those in border states), will not take these antics anymore. We will not wait for elections to come and go while little change is made to stop the invasions of millions on our southern Border. This is a crisis – and it was about time for those of Martha’s Vineyard to see it.

Mr. Rosenberg is a junior at Chapman University. He is majoring in history and minoring in political science.

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