The Republican Convention Had More Substance than the Democrats

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By Diana Abyad

The first night of the Republican National Convention (RNC) drew 440,000 viewers while the Democrat Convention only saw 76,000 on their first night, according to The Hill. Compared to 2016’s DNC, viewership this cycle was down as much as 42 percent on major networks including CBS, NBC, and ABC. The numbers for Biden marked a 21 percent drop from the previous DNC with Hillary Clinton as the presidential nominee, and were 38 percent lower than President Trump’s acceptance speech at the RNC four years ago. The main reason for the difference in viewership was the difference in message. 

The DNC focused on why the “Bad Orange Man” is very bad, and how “the future of the country is at stake.” On the other hand, the RNC put forth a message of hope with stirring testimonies representing the many walks of life embraced by the Republican party, as well as tangible evidence of prior success and a significantly clearer plan of how to regain and increase that economic success going forward. The Democrats’ narrative included fear mongering, hypocrisy, and emotions without logic, while the Republicans made a strong case as to why Americans should be voting for Donald Trump this November. 

One the first day of the DNC, Michelle Obama came out with a controversial statement that the Trump administration was responsible for the “kids in cages” policy. In reality, it was her husband, President Obama, who had implemented the policy during his administration. 

In addition to this hypocrisy, President Bill Clinton stated that the White House is in chaos under Donald Trump, even though Clinton was impeached from office for sexually assaulting women and then lying about it under oath. Clinton also stated that President Trump did not handle the coronavirus well or seriously, despite the fact that President Trump banned travel from China early during the onset of the pandemic, while Democrats were still caught up in their impeachment “witch hunt” and did not express any concern over the virus. In addition, Bill Clinton stated that the Democrat Party is united, when, in reality, it is the most divided it has ever been due to the polarizing split between radicals and progressives. 

Lastly, Bill Clinton stated that, under President Obama and Vice President Biden, the economy flourished and new jobs were created. However, President Trump created the lowest unemployment rate before COVID-19. Thus, the Democrats focused on how President Trump is an unacceptable president and the world will collapse if Trump is re-elected, but did not explain where Biden stands on issues and how we will help America. 

To compare, on the first night of the RNC, Rep. Vernon Jones (D-GA), a lifelong Democrat, made his case for why he was voting for Donald Trump this election. Jones argued that President Trump has done more for black Americans than any other president, including those of the Democrat Party. President Trump passed the Criminal Justice Reform Act, which let thousands of black Americans out of jail, and has donated to historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Trump also supported school choice, which lets everyone have access to quality education regardless of where someone lives (lack of school choice disproportionately disadvantages poor, black children). Vernon Jones went on to emphasize that the unemployment rate for black Americans, prior to COVID-19, was at the lowest it had ever been historically. He criticized the Democrats’ stance of being in favor of riots and defunding the police, and suggested that we should instead praise our law enforcement. 

Another great quote from Jones was: “The Democrat Party has become infected with the pandemic of intolerance, socialism, and bigotry.” Jones stated strongly in his message that “The Democrat Party has left me, I have not left the Party.” He also emphasized that “The Democrat Party does not want black people to leave their mental plantation. But I have news for Joe Biden: ‘We are free people with free minds.’” When Vernon Jones came out and publicly stated that he will be voting for President Trump this November, he was called an embarrassment and asked to resign from the Democrat party. This speech was powerful and one of the strongest at the RNC since Jones clearly laid out how President Donald Trump has made effective, positive change during his first term.

A great highlight of the RNC convention was Maximo Alvarez, a Cuban American, who warned everyone about the dangers of socialism. Alvarez and his family fled Fidel Castro’s oppressive government in Cuba. Alvarez emphasized in his speech that he did not understand why the Democrats praise socialism when it has ruined every country that has dared to try it. He stated, “These false promises: ‘Spread the wealth, defund the police, and trust a socialist state’ sound familiar.” He warned how his home country was destroyed by socialist ideas, and compared it to what is going on in Democrat-led cities that are currently falling into ruin, such as Portland, Detroit, Chicago, and Baltimore. These cities have attempted to get rid of their police and tolerate anarchists in their streets, which has only led to an exponential increase in crime, suffering, and innocent victims. The overall message of this speech, in my opinion, was that Americans should be grateful to live in such a country where freedoms are protected and they are able to choose to live whatever life they want. 

President Trump also spoke with six former U.S. hostages who had been imprisoned by corrupt governments while traveling abroad, such as Iran and India. Luckily for them, President Trump’s strong negotiating skills and deep commitment to religious freedom helped bring them all home safely. 

The RNC had strong speakers that explained what President Donald Trump has done for them individually as well as for the country as a whole. President Trump cares deeply about our country and is fighting to protect our constitutional rights, especially our First and Second Amendments. He is the only one standing between freedom and socialism, especially when compared to the Radical Left, who have only pushed a regressive agenda that would strip away our freedoms and force their socialist dystopia upon us. 

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