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China Guilty Of More Than Just Lab Leak

By Kate Robinson A Wall Street Journal investigation recently revealed that three Wuhan, China lab workers participating in the gain of function research were hospitalized in November 2019 with COVID-19 symptoms. This occurred about a month before the “first case” – supposedly contracted from a bat at a Wuhan wet market and independent from the… Continue reading →

A Republican Roadmap to Taking Back California

By Ethan Nikfar  Earlier in April, California’s secretary of state announced that recall petitioners gathered and submitted over 1,626,000 valid signatures to recall Governor Gavin Newsom, surpassing the required amount by over 100,000 signatures. Newsom, who just a few years ago was being touted as a future presidential nominee, has faced mounting criticism due to… Continue reading →

President Biden and the Nefarious ‘Newer’ Deal

By Kate Robinson  As if forgiving student loan debt was not generous enough, President Joe Biden is paying Americans’ bills yet again. This time, it is through his recently enacted $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, which includes such a significant level of handouts of federal unemployment benefits that businesses across the United States are struggling… Continue reading →

The Scientific Establishment Has Lost Our Trust

By Ethan Nikfar Over a year ago, a deadly new virus struck the world, forcing us to entirely adapt and revamp our lifestyles to prevent its spread. In response, we embraced public health officials, particularly in the federal government, to make sense of it. But today, those same public health officials have become increasingly unreasonable,… Continue reading →

Biden Promised Bipartisanship, but Now He Just Bumbles and Backtracks

By Kate Robinson April 30 marks President Joe Biden’s 100th day in office. What started as a pleading call for unity and bipartisanship is shaping up to be nothing more than a far-left train wreck. Thus far, the 78-year-old commander-in-chief has proven that his administration is incapable of exhibiting competent leadership and clear articulation of… Continue reading →

The Bullies at the Panther Still Have Not Calmed Down

By The Hesperian’s Editorial Board This editorial serves as a response to The Panther, who recently accused our publication of many horrendous acts, such as “actively putting faculty at risk of criticism.” (Yes, they really denounced us for that.) This is our response: On Monday, April 19, The Hesperian published a comprehensive report about certain… Continue reading →

Chapman Faculty Refuse to Condemn O’Mara Over Racist Tweet

By the Staff of The Hesperian A solicitation to 159 faculty members asking them to join a request for an ethics probe into a Chapman University history professor’s racist attacks on a popular conservative black woman has opened a chasm of rage that threatens to expose Chapman faculty to charges of racial hypocrisy. On March… Continue reading →

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