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Omicron Should be Reason to Celebrate

By The Hesperian‘s Editorial Board The Covid-19 variant we’ve been waiting for since the start of the pandemic almost two years ago has finally arrived. Dubbed Omicron, the new strain originating from South Africa is highly contagious – up to 70% more transmissible than Delta – but is far less severe than previous strains. For… Continue reading →

Joe Biden won Virginia by over 10 percentage points in 2020. So how did Republican Glenn Youngkin win the governorship one year later?

By Ethan Oppenheim Many Americans were surprised when Virginia Republican Glenn Youngkin beat former Democratic governor incumbent Terry McAuliffe in the state’s gubernatorial election on November 2nd. Former President Barack Obama won the state by over six points in 2008 and around four points in 2012, Hillary Clinton won the state by five points in… Continue reading →

Chapman Refuses to “Follow the Science” With New Mask Mandate

By The Editorial Board  The start of the fall semester at Chapman University is rapidly approaching amid the new Delta variant of COVID-19. Unfortunately, the school is again implementing strict, unnecessary, and overbearing mask mandates on students – including on those who have been vaccinated or have recovered from the virus – instead of providing… Continue reading →


By The Hesperian Staff Students at Chapman University are worried that Chapman’s “cultural” graduations will create division and frustration within the Chapman community. Chapman hosted six different cultural graduations over a two-weekend span during July 30 through August 1, and August 6 through August 8.  According to Chapman’s Cross-Cultural Center, the “Cultural Graduation Ceremonies are… Continue reading →

China Guilty Of More Than Just Lab Leak

By Kate Robinson A Wall Street Journal investigation recently revealed that three Wuhan, China lab workers participating in the gain of function research were hospitalized in November 2019 with COVID-19 symptoms. This occurred about a month before the “first case” – supposedly contracted from a bat at a Wuhan wet market and independent from the… Continue reading →

A Republican Roadmap to Taking Back California

By Ethan Nikfar  Earlier in April, California’s secretary of state announced that recall petitioners gathered and submitted over 1,626,000 valid signatures to recall Governor Gavin Newsom, surpassing the required amount by over 100,000 signatures. Newsom, who just a few years ago was being touted as a future presidential nominee, has faced mounting criticism due to… Continue reading →

President Biden and the Nefarious ‘Newer’ Deal

By Kate Robinson  As if forgiving student loan debt was not generous enough, President Joe Biden is paying Americans’ bills yet again. This time, it is through his recently enacted $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, which includes such a significant level of handouts of federal unemployment benefits that businesses across the United States are struggling… Continue reading →

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