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What Happened to the Red Wave?

By Maggie Stalnecker The political “Red Wave” the country expected ahead of the midterm elections last week turned out to be nothing more than a small tide, even with the highest inflation rates the country has seen in nearly 40 years, unscientific Covid lockdowns, and skyrocketing crime. It turns out that many of the major,… Continue reading →

Student Union Sets Dial to Chapman Radio

By Kaitlyn Franks Chapman Radio recently expanded its airwaves in to the Argyros Forum student union, a move that its members believe will bring the student-run radio station more exposure on campus. “Prior to Chapman Radio, I heard a lot of feedback from students and staff about how the music [in the union] was out… Continue reading →

The Rise of Socialism in Gen Z America

By Charlie Sisk To any young conservative, it should come as no surprise that there is a larger push from the political left to switch America’s economic system to that of a “democratic socialist” one. This mentality was almost unheard of a few decades ago, even when there was a prominence of communists living within… Continue reading →

The Erroneous Solutions of Tateism

Photo Credit: Andrew Tate’s Instagram By Guillermo Orozco Emory Andrew Tate III, known to his fans as “Top G,” is a 35-five-year-old British-American former kickboxer who has become well-known for his Internet personality. His messages resonate with younger men and often revolve around wealth, careers, women, and dating. His advice, which often encourages men to… Continue reading →

President Biden’s Foreign Policy Failures

By Ethan Oppenheim President Joe Biden’s incompetence is obvious. While some of his daily slip-ups and missteps might be funny, they’re also embarrassing and a sign of weakness, lack of awareness, and ineptitude. They demonstrate Mr. Biden’s inability to lead not just the United States, but the entire free world. Below are just some instances… Continue reading →

Letter to the Editor: Martha’s Vineyard Stunt Shows Republican Party’s Decline

On Oct. 3, The Hesperian published an abysmal op-ed titled “Martha’s Vineyard Deserved It,” by Jordan Rosenberg, which perfectly characterizes the cognitive and philosophical decline of the political right. There are a myriad of interesting quotes in Mr. Rosenberg’s article. First, he credits illegal immigration as a root cause of “drug overdoses, rape, and murder.”… Continue reading →

Martha’s Vineyard Deserved It

By Jordan Rosenberg The residents of Martha’s Vineyard, the liberal establishment, coastal enclave of Massachusetts, recently woke up to a sweet taste of karma. Under direction from Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), dozens of South American migrants were dropped off from jets and buses at one of the wealthiest places in the United States. Surely, the… Continue reading →

Biden is to Blame for America’s Decline

By Maggie Stalnecker As an American, perhaps the most disheartening occurrence at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral last week was watching President Joe Biden seated in the 14th row of the Westminster Abbey and his refusal to offer any public condolences to her family ahead of the event. His actions in the past two weeks are a… Continue reading →

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